The Emerald Rebekah Lodge, known to the uninitiated as the West Dublin Hall, is an Oddfellows hall located at 10 Huey Lake Road, in the community of West Dublin, on Nova Scotia's scenic South Shore. It is a popular venue for music, community events, and the legendary West Dublin Market, held every Saturday morning from April-December. Community involvement with this wonderful heritage building has helped it to escape the long slide into disrepair and disuse that has proved to be the fate of similar buildings throughout Nova Scotia.

This is our mandate ....

1: To make quality entertainment available in a rural setting; thus enriching the local cultural scene; enabling connections between residents, and helping to minimize long-distance car travel.

2: To provide a high-quality, seamless technical experience for audience and performers alike, with state-of-the-art lighting, sound reinforcement, and audio-visual recording in a casual, intimate setting.

3: To promote the cultural reputation of our community, through performance, technology, and digital media.

We believe that the future of Nova Scotia lies in the growth and enrichment of her rural communities. Growing local economies through such means as arts and entertainment, small-scale non-industrial craftsmanship, and sustainable agricultural development is the key to resilience and sustainability in the face of a rapidly changing world.